Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5 x64-x86 Download Torrent

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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5 x64-x86 Download Torrent
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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5

Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk monitoring program with a wide range of operating systems. Its purpose is to detect, test, detect, and troubleshoot hard drive problems, show hard drive failures, performance damage, and accidents. Hard Disk Sentinel provides complete textual information, tips, and displays / complete reports of hard disks inside a computer or external (USB / e-SATA). Many options and reporting options are available to ensure maximum security of your important data.

Hard Disk Guard monitors the state of the hard disk, as well as all health, temperature, and metrics (personal monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology built into modern hard disks) for each hard disk. It also measures the rate of hard drive transfer in real time, which can be used as a guide or detection of hard drive failures. very sensitive to disk problems. Thus, even a small problem cannot be missed, and you can predict failure or data loss. This allows you to store important and important data. The technical version is designed with automatic (if there is a problem) backup options to prevent data loss caused not only by failure but also by malicious software or accidental deletion.

Here are some of the “Hard Disk Sentinel Professional” services:

Easy to use interface

All information is displayed in the main program window. Quick management allows easy navigation to access all hard drives, blocks and various information. User interface features display information using green / yellow / red, indicating the level of difficulty.
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Detailed textual information and sensitive context support will help the user get acquainted with tasks and parameters.

1. Install 2. Install 3. Protect yourself

Just install, configure notifications and backup settings, and your system is now secure. You will be notified of the problem – but if everything is correct, the hard drive just sits on the tray and shows the current state. Data are protected up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Instant Scan – Hard Disk Sentinel can contact IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI hard drives to determine their condition and temperature. The status of the disks is displayed once you start the program, you do not need to analyze the disk for a long time. Indicates the current and maximum temperature of the hard disk.

It can read all the common and specific characteristics of retailers and control their values. For advanced users, all raw data is displayed, as well as the time or number of read / write errors. The Sentinel hard drive translates values ​​related to equity and equity and shows a calculated percentage of efficiency and health, total time and approximate life expectancy.

Disk Status in Windows Explorer – View the current state of health and space used in Windows Explorer or any other program to determine the amount of space used for each partition and disk status.

Required information – can display the current temperature and hard disk status in the system tray, in the status window and on the desktop itself. Average and high temperatures are recorded for all hard drives, and this information is displayed as a graph for statistical purposes.

Logging – Hard drive saves all damage in all SMART settings. For example, if your hard drive has a messagenew that cannot be fixed, you will be notified.

Notifications – A hard drive can provide notifications for different types of issues. It can perform a variety of tasks (even external programs) if something goes wrong. It is possible to send daily emails about the current situation.

Hard Disk Information – Detects and displays all information about the hard disk, from version number and buffer size to all functions it has. The available and current transfer methods are also displayed.

Hard Disk Performance – Record the amount of data read or written to the hard disk. Displays current baud read and write rates and maximum baud rate (theoretically) for the main disk.

Hard Disk Parts – Displays parts for each physical hard disk, and also information on their types and uses, so that you do not have enough space. The hard disk sender sends this information directly to the alert / status message.

Shutdown – Provides the ability to shut down your computer in the event of an accident, extreme heat, or deterioration. This option can be used to prevent further data loss.

Voice control – provides an opportunity to control the volume of the IDE / S -ATA hard drive volume. You can add functionality or make the disk more stable.

Clock sync – provides the ability to sync a PC clock with an atomic clock via NTP (network time protocol).

Improvements – Sentinel Hard Drive is constantly updated. Other features will be available soon. If you have an idea that might help, let us know…


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 torrent download

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 torrent download
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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is equipped with smart tools that give you even more ways to communicate. Create and edit PDFs with multimedia support, share information more securely, and collect feedback more efficiently.

This program, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software, is an advanced way for business owners to create, combine, manage, and transfer more secure, high-quality Adobe PDF documents to facilitate and securely distribute, collaborate, and collect data.

With more than five million organizations worldwide, Acrobat DC relies on creating and editing the smartest PDFs, converting PDFs to Microsoft Office, and more. If you need to collaborate with people far away, fill out, sign, or sign a form, trust Acrobat DC to help you do it anywhere.

Sharing PDFs and collecting comments is as easy as sending an email, but with much more control, tracking, and clutter. Recipients will receive an email with a link to your PDF. They click to open, view, comment, log in, no need to log in or install software.

Securely fill out, sign, and share PDF forms faster than ever before. Send legally binding PDFs that recipients can sign anywhere on their browser or mobile device. Adobe also makes it easy to send, track, and save signed documents. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City installer torrent download

Overview of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 features

Edit PDF files

Export from PDF files

Create PDFs

Create and analyze forms

Merge and merge files

Simplify reviews and approvals

Protect PDF files

System requirements and technical details

Supported Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

or a faster processor

1 GB of RAM

free hard disk space

Separate screen size 1024×768

Internet Explorer 11; Firefox (ESR); or Chrome

Video hardware acceleration (optional). https://www.mthotels.it/microsoft-excel-fast-dl-torrent-download/


Windows 10 Super Lite Gamer Para PC Fraco pt-BR 2020 Downloaden Torrent

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Windows 10 Super Lite Gamer Para PC Fraco pt-BR 2020
Windows 10 Super Lite Gamer Para PC Fraco pt-BR 2020 Downloaden Torrent
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Windows 10 Super Lite Gamer Para PC Fraco pt-BR 2020

Windows 10 Super Lite Gamer-Konzession, aber mit außergewöhnlichen und hervorragenden Funktionen Kompatibilität mit Store- und Xbox-Support

Stark von LTSC inspiriert, insbesondere die Konfiguration seiner Komponenten

Endgültiger Energieplan für Dehydration hinzugefügt

Herausnehmbare Vrios-Komponenten wieder eingeführt

Nach der neuen Methode zum Deaktivieren von Penghilang


Einstellungen und Befehle werden nicht gelöscht

Wenn die Datenschutzeinstellungen leicht geändert werden können, um Fehler zu beheben und Unterstützung für verwandte Programme in Appx.

Volle Unterstützung für Xbox, einschließlich Unterstützung für Xbox GamePass

Entfernen Sie MarkV mouse a curva do mouse, um die “natürliche” Masse von curva padro zu erhalten. bekommen

Beschleunigen Sie die Geschwindigkeit der Maus, die standardmäßig deaktiviert ist

Deaktivierte Prozessmaßnahmen

CPU Melhora dari desempenho baseado em

Bessere Stabilität

Im Store, wenn die Sprache und Ressourcen Xbox dies vollständig funktioniert oder erwartet (GameBar nicht getestet)

Nur UWP-Anwendungen sind wesentlich stabiler

Wenn kürzlich andere Anwendungen aus dem Microsoft Store heruntergeladen werden können

Cortana entfernt und vollständig deaktiviert

Kann aus dem Store neu installiert werden, wenn es verworfen wird

Ausgezeichnete Stabilität und Inkompatibilität

Melhor desempenho do que sebagai ayat anteriores

Geheimnis Geheimnis

ReviOS – 2004 –

Von Criado: Bewertungen



MD5: 2FCA939326F6EE3214C04C2C6A5A16EF

SHA-1: 227FA7E08C1AAA308DD92C52FADCCE29F661BC2A

Windows 10 Superlite Dark Pro

21H1 20H2.

!!! Aktualisieren Sie Windows Funcioando Normal !!!

Um Disketten und das neue BANGUNAN zu installieren.


Tamanho-Disco: ULTRA

Bildnachweis: Gleison Lima

Architektur: x64

Sprache: pt-BR (Muttersprache)

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy


==== EDIES =====

Windows 10 Pro 21H1

Windows 10 Pro 20H2

===== INTEGRIERT ====



Aktualisierungen JAN 2021

Dunkelgrünes Thema + 5 zusätzliche Temperaturen

Novo 4k Wallpaper

Neuer Sperrbildschirm

Blaugraues Symbol

======= ENTFERNEN ======





Onedrive – aber Sie können jetzt neu installieren

Microsoft Store – INSTALLATEUR bei der Arbeit

===== DESATIVADO ====

Tengah de aes DESATIVADO

Animaes hat kein Windows DESATIVADO

Jalousie und Start- und Landebahn DEAKTIVIERT




Habilitar . Paket

==== PASTA BNUS ====

COMPACTAO ULTRA 50% – ohne Anschluss

Funktioniert, aber installieren Sie das Paket jetzt, um das Problem zu beheben.


Aktualisieren Sie DESATIVAR-Windows.

LIMPEZA für Sistema


Laden Sie Verso Mais auf Office Direct von Microsoft herunter und installieren Sie es.

Standard ProPlus und 2019



Kaspersky Free NOVA VERSO

NEUE VERSION Anti-Vrus Panda





Opera GX NOVA VERSO. Windows 10 AIO + Office 2019 pt-BR x64 2020 Download Torrent


Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL download

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Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL
Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL download
No virus
Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL

Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 2004 21H1 Next June 2021 Team-LiL

Created by lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Digital license activation for Windows 10


Clean up the CMD activation auto-activation script with installation.

if you find that it is not activated

make sure you are online, not behind vpn

go to system in control panel and click on activation window

and wait until it activates. you can even click troubleshoot

Automatic installation file information

Choose your language

license terms are automatically agreed

Automatic locks are inserted, so they do not need to be attached.

choose your own place to install windows and configure partitions

after installation the ordinary OOBE will be displayed

fill in the data according to your wishes

Construction aggregate

Update Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Framework –

Establish a power plan ahead of time for maximum performance


Cortana, telemetry


Context menu: enable Notepad to open nfo files

Explorer: disable ads and notifications

Explorer: turn off the list of recently opened programs

Explorer: disable user tracking

Explorer: Increase Icon Cache to 4MB

Explorer: run in separate process

Modern User Interface – Applications – Cortana Disable

Modern user interface – applications – Cortana disables searching for web pages on the Internet

Modern UI – Applications – Onedrive disables integration

Modern UI – Slow down shutdown speed for modern UI apps

Modern user interface: reduce the drag distance of the title screen

Start menu: disable newly added apps

Start Menu: Disable Suggestions for Recommended UI Apps

System: disable bandwidth throttling

System: enable large system cache

System: extend disk verification time (5 seconds)

System: increases closing speed

System: improves the response of Windows armor

System: Reduce delays in launching desktop startup applications

Taskbar: improve transparency

Taskbar: remove Meet Now

Paging Files / Virtual Memory – 3000MB – 4000MB

Feature removed / disabled

3D builder

3d print

3D viewer

Modern user interface – Bing Finance

Modern user interface: food and drink

Modern user interface: health and fitness

Modern user interface – Bing News

Sports User Interface – Bing Modern

Ui Travel – Modern Bing

Modern User Interface – Weather


Framework (ad SDK)

Marco (people)

(Phone call history) box

My people

OOBE (short)

Feedback Hub

Office center

A note

3D cat

Many people


Phone call

3d print

Retail demo



Solitaire collection

Windows Comments

Windows phone

Your phone

Zune Music

Video Zune


OneDrive files on demand

Back up OneDrive online

Remote assistance

Connecting to a remote computer

Remote desktop (ambulance)


Disabled service

ExperienceUser and Telemetry Related: Disabled

Credits: for the activation script

MicrosoftAddict activation script

Short URL –

PICTURE ISO = esd GB compression used

MD5 = EB2D8FF776EA90FBCAE87A7444F3F635

SHA-1 = 807DE27359E871E34DF8CF3A2179299C883A47AB

use Rufus to create USB mount media from iso images

When creating a bootable USB, make sure you select the correct partition scheme for your system’s drive

MBR = less than 2TB

GPT = more than 2 TB

visit our Discord channel and send feedback

after installing our version of Windows and playing with it

channel feedback

win-10-lite feedback

Our dispute URL has been READ

in a torrent file.
Windows 7 ProUlt



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City x64-x86 Download

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City x64-x86 Download
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

City Mafia Vice President Becoming Part Six of Rockstar’s iconic Rock Theft Auto franchise is one of the best refining, and modifying formulas that made Grand Theft Auto 3 so successful. GTA: City Vice is a free agent who travels the open world and keeps players in Tommy Vercetti pants and a Hawaii t-shirt when he leaves his mark on a criminal enough to be tough. Demonstrated by the charming and ferocious Ray Liotta, Vercetti is the perfect protagonist of the GTA game: street, cunning and cruel it becomes a channel where the player becomes the center of the action in a world that promises complete freedom and control. . . GTA: City Vice President commits to (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The city’s vice-chancellor draws the line between free violence and humor, the latter mainly stemming from memorable characters whose personalities Vercetti inspired. These are minor characters like Diaz, Ken Paul and the corrupt lawyer Ken Rosenberg. GTA 6’s plan is more satisfying than its predecessor, but it remains simple: revenge, make money, and ignore the dynamic and free world of the city. The Vice City takes place before the GTA 3 events, shifting from the bygone urban setting to the bright and picturesque coastal city led by Miami. This happy and affluent atmosphere carries the secret story of driving with the secret of overspeeding in any hijacked car that suits your mood. You can see the city around you all day: the streets of the sports cars while the boats parade on the waterways. Journalists jump as rival gangs watch street battles. You can step in or just use the radio (watch VCPR with a laugh). The sky is reminiscent of an interest in crime dramas like “The Godfather”, “Scarface” or “Carlito’s Way”.
“And that’s because of the acting roles of the characters. Full sound acting was rare back in 2002 when the game was released, and now if this is your first time playing or introducing it, the performances and attention to detail are of professional quality, even for the right radio. compare with Grand Theft Auto 3? GTA 3 is the next game you will get for a Vice City. Needless to say, City Vice only improved on an already successful formula. City Vice doesn’t open up many new paths, for better or for worse, but cleans up what the ranks have already made clear. The message in the City Vice President is simpler and more complex than that of GTA 3, which usually coincided and likened to the glorification of the restoration; The GTA 6 mission doesn’t feel like an exclusive opinion, it does the basic things to achieve a legitimate goal: Vercetti hopes to rule this city, and there is a ladder that must be climbed beforehand. Is driving the city to work for you a sequel and general game that keeps players together for so long that this game holds up well? City Vice is the best GTA’s oldest formula, but some of its tech features and old gaming contracts have aged poorly, especially when compared to new single-player sandbox games like JustCause or Far Cry. Jump and target controls can be passed, but they lack the gentleness and understanding modern athletes have been hoping for, and the lack of swim controls is for a game that includes ships on the latest GTA box totally ridiculous. The game’s camera is difficult to work with, and it triggers a frustrating attack on items and spins that are lost willingly. Shipping control has not improved either, and embassies like Diaz’s Ark are so bad that it is often best just to go a long way not to get into the GTA 6 structure, they are reduced and out of date Standards and the LOD. oriented suffers from it. It’s good that the voice acting is very good because human models are low and can’t be exciting.
Grand Theft Auto V 64bit On the back of the coin, this makes it easier to run the game on mobile devices or original devices. Despite its size, the City Vice President works very well on the iPhone. Drop your gun, grab GTA 6 GTA, take the best GTA 3 items and make them shine so you can enjoy 30 hours of automatic play. The latter contain more than 70 hours of content. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is at the forefront of the old school GTA. If this is the retro experience you are looking for, this is the game for you. If you’re looking for an alternate game, right? We encourage you to try the new GTA San Andreas? GTA 6 has a handful of new vehicles to offer, as well as racing bikes, dirt bikes, big pigs, and mopeds (our favorite helicopters). Say goodbye to the days of drones flying just three feet above the ground! Go to heaven! Oh no! Did we mention that you can attack people with chainsaws? GTA 6 is fun with the previous games in the franchise, and it also has a comprehensive money laundering system tied to your properties. This added section solves one of GTA 3’s biggest (and stupid) problems: the player has more money than those who don’t know what to do with it. With the gun depot and GTA 3 updates full, there wasn’t much to do with the glut of cash that City Vercetti could buy direct from the company to build its prestige in the city. Towards the middle of the game, you have the option to buy assets and upgrade them with ongoing income. Spend that money on the best hiding places and equipment and start looking like a slow version of the playing card and reigning as the criminal boss you chose…


Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1 Torrent Download

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Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1
Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1 Torrent Download
No virus
Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1

Windows Ultimate Product Key Finder

The program is designed to transfer keys and Windows to another version, which contains the latest key logs

In this program it is nice how to handle all programs and clean Balsura

Easy to use and requires no experience – this is to use activation keys when trying to activate. Windows 10 pro with product key torrent
Windows 10 pro

Windows Product Key Finder Premium This program searches for licenses on different servers for all versions of Windows.

Keys that are updated daily work for everyone. This software is one of the best Windows activators for daily key updates


Net Framework

Internet connection

What’s new in version

Updated several times a day in the premium version.

Add a new design.

Add the installed product key.

Add permanent activation (after activation via Skype).

Add the current display key.

Fixed all bugs.

How to install:

NOTE. Key keys, patches, activators, cracks, bootloaders, etc. are always scanned with the latest version of Avast Internet Security 2013 and Virustotal to avoid virus problems. Different antiviruses can give different Your antiviruses give different results. Turn off Antivirus for 10-20 minutes and use KeyGen to activate…


Windows 10 AIO Office 2019 pt-BR x64 2020 Download Torrent

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Windows 10 AIO + Office 2019 pt-BR x64 2020
Windows 10 AIO + Office 2019 pt-BR x64 2020 Download Torrent
No virus
Windows 10 AIO + Office 2019 pt-BR x64 2020


Windows 10 20H2 AIO

Office 2019 Pro Plus + Project pro + vision pro

I AM AN ACTIVATOR. MS Microsoft Windows 10 activator download torrent com/activator-cmd-windows-10-and-office-2019-may-2019-download-torrent/”>https://nowgifs.com/activator-cmd-windows-10-and-office-2019-may-2019-download-torrent/



Tamanho: GB

Credits: Gleison Lima

Architecture: x64

Idiom: portugus-BR

BIOS: UEFI / Inherited

format: ISO / ESD

Md5: 226F6A3D9D8E682A6AC7235227931EF5

============= EDIES =========

Win10 Home – Office 2019

Win10 Pro – Office 2019

Win10 Home Single Language – Office 2019

Win10 education – Office 2019

Win10 Pro Education – Office 2019

Workstation Win10 Pro – Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise – Office 2019

===== INTEGRATED =====

Network framework

MS Dart 10

Office 2019 Pro Plus

+ Project professionals

+ hung pro




Adobe Flash Player Torrent Download

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Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player Torrent Download
No virus
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player multimedia creation tool is a complete tool for creating, editing, and watching games or videos. While the app allows you to browse applications and most media outlets, developers use them to create content such as; (function () {(” review-app-page-desktop ‘);}); If you use Flash as a plug-in or a full-featured program, it offers great video and audio playback to media content. The software supports multiple file formats, including MP3, AAC, and also works with ByteArray and; You often need Adobe Flash Player on websites that receive video or game play. By 2021, this app has been discontinued and the one created for it will now be blocked and Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued? On January 12, 2021, Adobe will no longer support Adobe Flash Player and will block Flash content from it. This is due to a variety of security and software issues, as well as technical development and better options.
Adobe Air torrent download The browser will eventually stop this tool and Adobe strongly recommends that all uninstalles not get updated again and Adobe will continue to urge users to uninstall to ensure their systems are not compromised. Fortunately, more stable applications like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssemble are a good alternative to that and many browsers are already using them instead of Flash. The features described below are for comparison between these and, easily view and edit Adobe Flash Player files available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. So, you can use this tool on different devices. For Android, the app digs into the system as a separate Windows, you can use the Chrome plugin to take full advantage of your media creation and viewing experience. In fact Adobe has launched the Adobe Animate platform, part of Adobe CC, as the most complete way for users to get the most out of the Flash Player version; Many developers use software to create interactive tools and games. You see Flash Player is used on rich web sites like YouTube and on streaming platforms like; For content in such media, is it necessary to have a plug-in or a working program? Flash Player lets you play videos and games in full screen. The app supports mouse and keyboard devices in browsers, operating systems and with the help of software, you can use an endless book, relative mouse coordinates, mouse locks, intermediate and right click cases and some Flash Players work well on laptops Windows and gives you variety. shortcuts to guide video players. However, delays and accidents can sometimes disrupt the Flash game created from being simple and small. However, they need more resources. As a result, many browsers are struggling to keep up with difficult developments; With older devices, it’s hard to play powerful Flash games. Fortunately, you won’t find many problems with new systems, especially those that have a Windows interface? Compared to Synfig Studio, ACDSee Video Studio and other similar software, Adobe Flash Player comes with a simple and clean interface. Software uses number pieces to create a simple working environment. It also allows beginners to learn service dynamics without difficulty. Friend-friendly controls are simple enough and do not require you to own anything technical, Flash Player is also recommended by developersworldwide by creating, viewing and editing multimedia files. Since the app keeps running in the background, it doesn’t interfere with your workflow. To use Flash Player, you do not have to install third-party software or interrupt several settings from the time delay; Adobe Flash Player does not require major debugging. Supported by IT giants, the tool is excellent and, most importantly, receives regular updates, and can you expect new features to be brought in from time to time with video quality? Along with services like GPU hardware upgrades, Adobe Flash Player offers video playback quality. The software also uses state-of-the-art cycles; In addition, the Microsoft Windows Flash Player plugin has improved and adjusted the bit rate and HDS and RTMP conversion. Because of its soft compression, this tool can run all kinds of media without Flash Player being the main option for animation. But with facilities like Toon Boom Studio and Anime Studio, the program has faced stiff competition in this unit. While this option provides additional services such as automatic oral synchronization, can’t it handle weight better where there is a shortage? Recently, people have been concerned about several security risks associated with the program. Fortunately, you can rely on frequently received updates to maintain your system. It should be noted that the Flash Player plug-in requires special operating permissions; In addition to these minor issues, the software works well on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other versions of the operating system, the new version of Adobe Flash Player plug-in comes with full compatibility of 64- browsers and operating systems. bit. Developers have resolved a number of issues that remain. Now the screen does not freeze and is asked for the original damage. Adobe Flash Player Download Torrent
You restart the app at any time to continue your work. Adobe has also reduced the system resources needed to run the software a bit. Thus, it works well on older devices, Adobe Flash Player integrates well with Adobe CC and other products on the unit. This tool is used as a browser plug-in and as a complete platform to promote content on social media, including; The easy-to-use Adobe Flash Player multimedia tool is specifically designed to stream rich Media-rich Flash video files to the browser. Compared to previous versions, this version takes a major step in performance, service and; New features have been developed to take advantage of 64-bit browsers and operating systems Therefore, this tool is now more suitable for beginners and web developers who want to use media-rich. Since it can be used for free, you should not miss it. https://www.mthotels.it/microsoft-excel-2010-32-bit/


Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated torrent

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Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated torrent
No virus
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 14393.10 en-US Activated

Murphy78 presenta Windows 10 Enterprise activado

No se dañó ninguna instalación de Windows 10 cuando se creó esta ISO.

No se agrega ningún programa a Windows.

No se agregaron instalaciones sin supervisión a la instalación.

No se ha cambiado la configuración del registro.

Fuente de 32 bits:

Índice de instalación:

Windows 10 Enterprise

Archivo de lanzamiento:

Tamaño: GB

SHA-1: E03058D330F6F1E517F64DD60D802A3885466B20

Idioma: en-UD (inglés – Estados Unidos)

Equipamiento usado:

disco para integrar actualizaciones de Windows

oscdimg Para dominar ISO

Microsoft DaRT 10

script murphy78 diskpart

DISM / agregar paquete / resetbase (Directorios, Arranque, Winre):



-MS DaRT 10 se ha agregado a las opciones de recuperación en las versiones de arranque Winre

-Algunos scripts útiles se añaden en gran medida.

Installer -DiskPart – Chest solo para medios de instalación

y presiona shift-f10 para abrir la consola, luego escribe “Menú”

-Soporte UEFI para procesadores de 32 bits


– Use un programa USB como RUFUS para poner esto en el USB

Unidad flash para la configuración de arranque.

Alternativamente, si todavía usa medios físicos, puede:

grabar en un DVD grande superior.
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Clean ISO torrent
Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019 torrent


Esta versión ha sido preactivada se reactivará.

Utiliza la carpeta KMS_VL_ALL OEM abbod v10 que dejé

La carpeta de origen es ISO. Si alguna vez quieres borrar

predeterminado / recrear parte de esta instalación, solo la necesita

elimine la carpeta $ oem $ de los recursos principales.
Windows 10 Pro
com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-v1903-x64-german-activated-kbo-torrent/”>Microsoft Windows 10

Dejé mi carpeta de script personalizado en un archivo grande, pero lo hice

es una versión bastante nueva de Win10, no sé si todas funcionan

como editado. La clave de registro para el bloque de indicadores de generación de KMS ya está configurada

secuencia de comandos KMS_VL_ALL. Agregar un enlace al proyecto abbod

si quieres intentar comprender más.

Ámbito de aplicación:

abbodi1406, qewlpal – estimulante KMS

murphy78 – Integración, diseño ISO, scripting testing




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